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New NEC Commissioner sworn in

17 December 2020 at 19:00 | 933 views


By Our Correspondent

Mrs. Marian Nyuma-Moijueh, the new Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission for the Eastern region was sworn into office by President Julius Maada Bio on Friday December 11.

This is yet another indication by President Bio that he is serious about his commitment to elevate and empower women in the country.

Even though they constitute over 50 percent of the population, women are still marginalised and discriminated against in many spheres of life in Sierra Leone but Bio’s SLPP government seems to be gradually changing that by appointing women not only as ministers but has also appointed them as ambassadors, heads of commission and top civil servants. He has also massively recruited them into the army and police. Past governments had never done it the way it’s being done now.

Mrs. Marian Nyuma-Moijueh deserves her appointment not because she is a woman and a university graduate but because of her decades of public service, integrity, humility and strong family values. Members of Parliament unanimously agreed on that. She will be a very good NEC commissioner.

According to a press release from the State House Media and Communications Unit, Mrs. Nyuma-Moijueh promised to maintain the standards of the position.

We know she will do that.