New APC ?

19 May 2006 at 22:12 | 770 views

By Saidu Bangura, Atlanta, Georgia.

In his address to a cross -section of the Sierra Leonean public in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday,05-14-06,the leader of the ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS(APC),Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma said that is he heading a new APC that will run on the platform of positive change. I wish to point out some facts that I would like my fellow Sierra Leoneans to know before they hope to see a new APC.

I will start from the last Sunday town hall meeting in Atlanta. The APC promised us that the meeting will surely start at 5 PM. Mr. Ernest Koroma the guest of honor came at about 9 PM . The meeting started after 9 PM. I believe that this is the positive change that the new APC wants to bring to Sierra Leone.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to present to you the so -called new APC:

Mr. Ernest Koroma is a direct disciple of ex-president Siaka Stevens and Mr. Jamil Sahid Mohamed. He joined the APC in the mid 70’s .In the 1977 general elections, Mr.E.B. Koroma aspired for the Makeni town parliamentary seat, but he was rejected by his own people.

In the new APC there is Mr. Victor Foh a former senior government official , who was notoriously involved in voucher gate in the days of Siaka Stevens. The new APC also has mostly former ministers and senior government officials who conspired to destroy every aspect of our country’s development.

It will please all well meaning Sierra Leoneans, if Mr. Ernest Koroma would consent to bring forward the past records of all the members of the new APC. We the people of Sierra Leone have the right to properly examine the past records of all those who want to run for public offices. In the 2007 elections the people of Sierra Leone will find the most suitable people with clean records to hold public offices.

Finally,I appeal to all my fellow Sierra Leoneans to put aside all personal and political connections and put the interest of our country above all other interests. Let us remember that we have suffered a lot only because the country was in the hands of the wrong people. The 2007 elections will be another moment of us to elect people who have the vision and capacity to take us forward. The only way we will be able to get the right people is by a proper examination by name, nature , character and past performances of each candidate. I hope and pray that we the true loving people of Sierra Leone will not allow our sentiments to surpass our reasoning abilities in the next elections.