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Musician of the Week: Sorie Kondi

By  | 1 February 2017 at 09:46 | 3844 views

Sorie Kondi, Sierra Leone’s famous blind kondi player, is in many ways the country’s Stevie Wonder (although not rich or internationally famous).

He is a household name in his native land where he taught himself to play the kondi instrument at an early age, and due to his prowess and ingenuity in playing the instrument, earned the name, Sorie Kondi.

His music and performance will never stop to amaze his audiences, after escaping and emerging from the ruins and wreckage of war. He adroitly puts together, in some of the major languages in Sierra Leone, the broken chords of love among humanity, and seeks harmony with his soul, a gigantic pursuit he hopes to achieve through his unique music. In the following video clip, Sorie sings in his native language, Loko: