Letter to editor

Moijue Resigns from the SLPP

8 February 2006 at 05:29 | 543 views

Mr Harold B. Saffa
Secretary General
SLPP UK & Ireland Branch

6th FEBRUARY, 2006

Dear Mr Secretary General

In light of consultation and deliberation from both within and without the SLPP, putting the interest of Sierra Leone before any other partisan interest, I have decided to tender my resignation as Publicity and Propaganda Secretary and as member of the SLPP.

Having had discussion with the highly respectable UK and Ireland Branch Chairman Mr Tamba Lamin and the hardworking Secretary General Harold Bundu Saffa both of whom I have the greatest respect and admiration for, and having serve this party for over 10 years in different executive capacities, I have come to the conclusion that the all embracing SLPP is now been run by dictators and impostors whose only interest is enriching themselves at the detriment of the people.

The ideals and values behind the formation of the SLPP in 1951 were to champion the causes of the powerless, the oppressed, the disenfranchised and the marginalized. Also to strongly adhere to the politics of inclusion, advocate for the enhancement of quality life for all Sierra Leoneans, provide healthcare and education for the impoverished and demonstrate a strong commitment to regional development and the rule of law.

Ironically, the current leadership and government of the SLPP have deliberately refused to adhere to these values. The inability and unwillingness by the leadership of the SLPP to promote good governance, human rights, fight corruption and improve on the country’s economy after a decade old civil war, could be seen as evidenced in the eyes of the poor Sierra Leoneans, and even reflected on majority of Sierra Leoneans, which has become a concern for the international community, hence its reluctance to wave the country’s debt.

The leadership of the SLPP has failed due to selfishness, lies, vindictiveness incompetence and marginalization of the non- sycophants. Today the SLPP leadership has forgotten the sacrifices made by the poor Sierra Leoneans and party supporters at home and abroad for the survival of the party. The betrayal and continued detention of Chief Norman and others under trial for their defence of the nation and the SLPP government against the rebels’ onslaught, clearly shows the ingratitude of the SLPP leadership.From every indication it is becoming certain that the SLPP would surely exit the country’s political landscape
with myriad of unfulfilled promises.

The nation’s economy is still in slumber and virtually after ten years being in government, the SLPP has presided over a hungry and poverty-stricken population whose needs and aspirations are not being addressed.

It is disheartening to say that the decade old democracy has ushered no significant change in the country. The desire for change is now ever more evident on the faces of the poor people who continue to suffer, whilst at the same time the leadership of the SLPP continues to grow fat on the development aid given by the donor community.

Corruption is still endemic in our society as the government continues to dish out donor funds to subjects who cannot perform or measure up to the task. The awarding of contracts is purely and largely a private affair of cronies of the government, lacking in scrutiny and transparency.

Even the setting up of the Anti Corruption commission by the SLPP government is a ploy to access donor funds, often embezzled by those occupying
the most significant political offices in the country. Those who have contributed to bringing our country to its knees are today enjoying in the administration.

Moreover, the blatant disregard, manipulation or abuse of the judiciary by those in authority like in the Harry Yasanneh case is another clear example.

Our compatriots who roam the streets of Freetown and the provinces without jobs are maligned and referred to as Raray boys by the present SLPP leadership. Electricity supply to the capital and in country remains a dream. The lack of decent pipe borne water supply and poor and unhealthy environment that characterises the state of the nation’s capital - Freetown speaks for itself not to mention mining areas like Kono. The poor health situations are contributing to the high level of Typhoid and malaria in the country as hundreds die of very minor ailments and infant mortality constantly on the rise.

Pittance salaries paid to workers and if lucky they are paid 2-3 months late. The Poor are still becoming poorer. They have in turn created more beggars with no chance of a better future. Unemployment, poverty, lack or absence of basic amenities for the vast majority of citizens and youth problems are a manifestation of the governments inability and incompetence to provide proper direction and good governance.

The country’s economy by-and-large still remains donor driven with no tangible agenda and commitment to generate its own revenues. Aid money has had no sustainable impact on improving quality of life for the majority of Sierra Leoneans. Aid funds should be utilised to benefit the people not for the government or for lining the pockets of corrupt officials

In the light of the foregoing, I have today tendered my membership card and henceforth disassociate myself with this branch and the SLPP in general.

Thank You,

Moijue E KaiKai

CC:Mr Tamba Lamina
Chairman, SLPP
UK & Ireland Branch