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Message from the APC-Midlands Coordinator

30 March 2016 at 03:54 | 1019 views

It’s been over six months since APC Midlands, UK was officially launched on 24th October 2015 by a handful of Birmingham -based Sierra Leoneans led by me. Both Sir Idrissa Kanu and I are mandated Midlands Coordinators.

This came about with the support of our able Secretary General, Sir Alpha Bai-Kamara, Sir George Ngobeh and Sir Ibrahim Pat-Sowe.

Since then, we’ve worked hard in Birmingham before reaching Coventry in February 2016 through the support of Mr Sillah and Mr & Mrs Kargbo.

Sir Mustapha Hassan has been very instrumental in Coventry since and continues to be so.

On the youth side of the APC Midlands, Madam Gloria Ngobeh and Sir Mbaimba Kamara have been relentless in their efforts. Sir Dood as our PRO has been robust.

As we are looking forward to becoming an APC Chapter, the first ever outside London, we’ll continue our membership drive not just within Birmingham and Coventry but in Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton etc.

Our enthusiasm is based on our love for the APC Party, our country, Sierra Leone and great love for our President, EBK.

We’re impressed with governmental developments in our home country and have passion to support each other at home and abroad.

We thank Madam Filma, Madam Kadi Kuyateh and Madam Isatu Kamara for their never - ending support for APC Midlands.

This continues to be challenging but we know that we’re covered by the Grace of God
and nothing is impossible as we are part of a Winning Team

A special thank you to all our members and all your efforts and hard work much appreciated.

Long Live APC and Long Live President Koroma!

Paul Ngobeh
APC Midlands Coordinator
APC UK & I Branch