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Meet Our London Bureau Chief

By  | 18 January 2006 at 06:14 | 685 views

Many readers have called us to ask questions about our hardworking London Bureau Chief, Abu Bakarr Shaw.They want to see and know more about the man. Here we go:

Abu Bakarr Shaw, who hails from Kenema, Sierra Leone, is the younger brother of the famous editor of the Expo Times newspaper Ibrahim Seaga Shaw otherwise known as "Culture Shaw" or "High Tech".

Bakarr, as he is fondly known, started journalism in Liberia after his secondary school education. He was a regular contributor of sports stories and articles to Liberia’s number one newspaper, the Daily Observer, until the war in that country forced him back to Sierra Leone where he joined his brother and others to set up the EXPO Times.He was the paper’s Business Manager. EXPO quickly became one of the leading papers in the country.

Bakarr relocated to London after very bad experiences with the Kabbah government including detention at Pademba Road prison for several months.He has just completed advanced studies in Journalism.

As London Bureau Chief for the Patriotic Vanguard, Bakarr takes care of all matters concerning the paper while writing sports and political commentaries. He will soon supervise the birth of the first print edtion of the paper in the British capital.

Photo: Abu Bakarr Shaw