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Meet Jeneba Bangura, the new NRA Deputy Commissioner-General

15 October 2018 at 02:42 | 2768 views

By Paul Duwai-Sowa (PDS), Toronto, Canada

As President Bio instills credibility in state institutions with a focus on revenue mobilization, education, and discipline, he could not have asked for a finer and brighter Sierra Leonean than Jeneba Bangura (photo) to support his vision.

The President has been mindful of gender-balanced appointments ranging from his cabinet with key portfolios going to women like the Deputy Finance role to selecting selecting female diplomats including Anna Moussa and other main government artery agencies. The Bio government understands running a government requires diversity. The appointment of these impressive women introduces different skills and style in managing the state and definitely a game changer.

Prior to her appointment as Deputy Commissioner-General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Jeneba Bangura was in financial management leadership roles in New York State and the Commonwealth of Virginia. She has over 25 years’ experience in public and financial policy and accounting in government, private and the not-for-profit sectors. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has a Masters degree in Public Administration.

No-nonsense reputation

The Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority is responsible for administering the National Revenue Authority Act (2002) with the primary responsibility of collecting domestic taxes, customs duties and other revenues. The monumental task of this Authority requires excellent accounting practices and credibility of its officials.

During Dr. John Karimu’s tenure as Commissioner-General, the Authority became entrepreneurial and efficient in management and administration. However, critics of the Koroma government slammed the NRA with many infractions including miismanagement and political control. So with the appointment of Dr. Samuel Jibao as the new Commissioner-General, the Bio government was clear on the new direction of the Authority. In essence the change in the leadership of the NRA is to give greater autonomy to its management to provide its services in ways that are more responsive to the needs of the economy.

With Jeneba Bangura who is known for her unflappability and forthright manner deputizing Dr. Samuel Jibao, it is obvious that the Authority is about to reverse course from the days of the Koroma Administration toward a more efficient and effective revenue growth. It can only be rewarding to the NRA given the skills of financial sobriety and international business operations exposure that Jeneba brings to the Authority.

"I have known Jeneba for over 15 years. She is an excellent choice for this revenue task,” a former co-worker of Jeneba Bangura said. “Her reputation for toughness and thoroughness when required will be very useful for an agency that is the financial life line of the government."

Some confirmatory details about Jeneba Bangura reveal she is hardworking, patient, fearless, conciliatory and caring. Jeneba has a special place in her heart for the disadvantaged, an endearing spirit that motivated her to be involved with charity organizations, and kept her on the wings of planes from New York State to her native country of Sierra Leone. She champions the causes of women and poor students in Sierra Leone.

Jeneba Bangura is ecstatic about her call to national service and has this to say, “I am most grateful to the Board of Directors of the NRA under the capable leadership of Ms. Tuma Adama Jabbi for giving me the opportunity to serve my country. I am truly honoured to contribute meaningfully to President Bio’s New Direction agenda. I commit to give my all in this new role to make our country Sierra Leone a better place for all Sierra Leoneans. My boss, Dr. Jibao, the entire NRA family and I, pledge to make Sierra Leone proud.”