Mass Deception in Sierra Leone—Part 2

22 October 2005 at 10:31 | 424 views

Gbakanda Kamara, our man in Norway, continues his analysis of some of the issues plaguing Sierra Leone. From the preceding article and this one, we can see the writer warming up to his theme leading to more thoughtful and more surgical treatment down the road. Stay tuned.

By Gbakanda Kamara, Norway.

In the first installment of this topic, two points were highlighted with regards to the individual and collective levels of the use of mass deception in Sierra Leone .The situation is such that one does not know or cannot tell who is fooling who and it’s like this is now an imbibed national trait or otherwise an instrument of and for survival by a nation of impoverished and mentally enslaved people.

In continuation it is but worthwhile to look at certain recent events, speeches and trends in Sierra Leone. Also it will be necessary to make certain proposals to the general readership of the Patriotic Vanguard with regards what has to be done, how it has to be done and when.

Looking at the events in Sierra Leone, take two from the lot: the proven origins of the correspondence that led to the arrest and subsequent death of Mrs Gloria Newman Smart, THE SOURCE BEING THE VERY INSTITUTION THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE STAINLESS TO FIGHT CORRUPTION.

If such an institution, ignorant as the person who did the act may be of the facts revealed by Dr Sylvia Blyden, can be connected with such outrageous acts , then it is clear that the whole of the country is just being fooled by the governors of that country .

First, all the operatives at the Anti- Corruption Commission must go through a credibility and impartiality check. There of course are those who will pass the test but a lot of them will not because they have been members of the very corrupt way of life they purport to fight against-the turncoats of Sierra Leone (today APC, tomorrow SLPP), the bootlickers(some joining the Sierra Leone Police Force through the back door , BY LATE NGOR KOUTAR’S Sabu,1979). This implies that the very Anti -Corruption Commission is just a façade to divert the suffering masses’ attention from what the real in-house issues are: AKATAI-ISM AND ALAKIE GALORE

There are others who are there because they were active in the days of the fight to bring “democracy”. This is also an issue of mass deception to the Sierra Leoneans who do not care to research or collect facts. The present mischief- makers in Sierra Leone never brought democracy to Sierra Leone because democracy is a situation resulting from a process, not a political status quo with many docile interest groups calling themselves political parties in the legislature. This process was started, in 1990 by the late Joseph Saidu Momoh upon the insistence of the BRETTONWOODS INSTITUTIONS(IMF/WB) and his signature is on the very constitution in use now by the so- called demoralizers now turn killers. This was part of the deal for Sierra Leone to get SAP support and it is still on.

The second point about this so -called democracy is that it is, from the point of view of political pluralism (Akatas divided to fool the public),THE PRESENT REPRESENTATIVE PROPORTION IN PARLIAMENT MAKES Sierra Leone a de facto one party state. So if the SLPP are serious about democracy they must first allow a broader and more proportionate representation in parliament. They must explain why unopposed style balloting is more in the south and the east of Sierra Leone .They must explain whether this reflects a pluralistic southern and eastern Sierra Leone.

Next one of the tenets of a democratic society is that freedom of speech must prevail at all levels. Why is Paul Kamara,Editor of 4 di People still in jail WHEN HE ONLY REWROTE AN OFFICIAL REPORT OF A MEMBER OF THE JUDICIARY IN 1968(The Justice Beoku-Betts Commission Report, published and gazetted in Sierra Leone and he reported ALSO A CORRUPT ACT BY A PRESENT MEMBER OF THE JUDICIARY IN THE SPORTS ARENA ).

If and only if there is democracy in Sierra Leone Paul Kamara SHOLUD NOT BE IN JAIL and YANSANNEH should be alive because his death is the act of one of the so -called lawmakers in that democracy and what came of it? The rules were twisted to suit some purpose because if the rules may have been applied maybe some big fishes may have been involved as this act is probably one covert act to finally silence 4 di People newspaper.

Next in the line of mass deception are issues concerning the country’s very development? One will want to ask, why the emphasis on a Lungi bridge? Is it to fool the people of Lungi for the support they gave to the present regime to use there as a base for Sandlines to train Kamajors for the intervention in 1998? Or is it because some geologist has the inkling that there is a lot of gold and diamonds washed down from the Sula Mountains and the gold belt in Tonkolili (one of the reasons why Bumbuna is still unfinished) by the Rokel River?

What are the costs involved to build such a bridge that will span close to 10 kilometres, if not more, depending on the point it traverses the Sierra Leone River?

Who is going to fund this project? Salone Gronament?Why not use such funding to minimise the food deficiency in the country by a sustainable programme that will extend over a period that will ensure that farmers get food for work whilst the productivity level is improved over that period?

To be continued

Photo: President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of Sierra Leone. The proposed Lungi bridge is one of his pet projects.