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Maryland: Patriotic Vanguard receives major award

9 May 2016 at 23:49 | 1408 views

PV Staff.

APC-USA Chairman Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara (photo) and two prominent Patriotic Vanguard writers in the USA, Dr. Nanah Fofana-Sesay and Felix Foday Sesay were on hand last Saturday night in Maryland to receive the Distinguished Entrepreneurial Leadership award, a major NOSLINA (National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America) award, on behalf of Patriotic Vanguard publisher Gibril Koroma who was unavoidably absent.

The PV publisher was sitting a major professional examination administered once a year all over Canada on the same day (Saturday May 7) and could therefore not make the trip to Maryland.

"As soon as I noticed the conflict in the date I immediately informed NOSLINA’s Suna Nallo in Maryland and contacted Mr. Kamara, my brother from Yonibana and two PV writers in that part of the USA, Pa Foday (Felix Foday Sesay) and Dr. Nanah Sesay-Fofana and they immediately gave me their word that they will attend and indeed they did attend to receive the award even though they got my request at short notice. I cannot thank them enough," Koroma said.

PV writer Dr. Nanah Fofana-Sesay holding the PV award Saturday night in Maryland, USA.

This is the second time the Patriotic Vanguard has received an award from a major organization the the US.

In August 2012, the Save Sierra Leone Foundation, a Sierra Leonean non-governmental organization also based in Maryland, listed Patriotic Vanguard publisher Gibril Gbanabome Koroma as one of the top 100 humanitarians and part of the Foundation’s Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

Save Sierra Leone President Patricia Finney described publisher Koroma at the time as a "Patriotic Star of Sierra Leone."

"Thank you for your many sacrifices and love of nation; rebuilding, rebranding and stabilizing Sierra Leone," she wrote.

Felix Foday Sesay, another PV writer, holding the PV award Saturday night.

For the NOSLINA award, NOSLINA chairman Dr. Davies-Cole, in a letter to publisher Koroma said:

"Each year NOSLINA solicits nominations from across the United States of individuals who have excelled in innovative and creative business enterprises that show measurable and demonstrable success in supporting the resource needs of Sierra Leoneans and their communities.

The distinguished Entrepreneurial Leadership Award is our organization’s highest award for these efforts. To be nominated for it is recognition by various individuals and groups that you have made a profound contribution in the business community that has enhanced the name of Sierra Leone and the welfare of its peoples. This award is an affirmation of your signal, unique, and exemplary contributions. It bestows on you the distinction and esteem held by those whose lives you have touched. For this we are pleased to honor you."

Publisher Koroma has also received numerous awards and certificates of recognition at his base in Vancouver, Canada. In 2011 he received a certificate of recognition from the then mayor of the city of New Westminster in British Columbia for exemplary community service. New Westminster, like many cities in Canada, is a highly multi-ethnic city.

More reports, commentaries and photos on the NOSLINA event later.