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Margai’s Vision for Sierra Leone Women

14 December 2006 at 01:26 | 565 views


By Anthony Sheriff,London

I recently attended a Gala Dinner and Dance that was organized by the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) of Sierra Leone UK and Ireland branch in honour of the interim leader, Mr. Charles Francis Margai and party officials, who are on their England/Ireland segment of Trans-Atlantic Tour for Positive Change, I can only describe as a perfect success.

The over-subscribed function was attended by the Mayor of the Borough of Southwark and Councillors from four other boroughs of London , who fraternised with the delegates and diners.

Mr. Margai(photo) and his wife received an electrifying welcome from Londoners who attended. Upon arrival, the hall was charged with electrifying ovation by a transfixed crowd. Indeed, the guest of honour was charismatic in his dinner suit as he majestically walked alongside his wife, prelude to his stomping declaration later in the evening in which he stated that women and men would walk side by side with their male counterparts in the PMDC government. "Tthey would not walk behind them", he said.

His Positive Change for Sierra Leone message was concise: He was resolute in his statements that Sierra Leoneans would see a day when excessive corruption would be outdated in a country where the people will equally benefit from the yields of the land instead of where just a few benefit from corruption. The people will experience the true meaning of decentralization and empowerment of the people under a PMDC government. PMDC will embark on programmes that will foster national development instead of individual gain.

The country, he announced, will enjoy a proper healthcare system and create employment especially for the youth population, which has been the victim of marginalization by both the SLPP and APC regimes. PMDC will embark on improved farming methods and training to ensure food security for its people. He stated that the people would benefit from their God given wealth. Educating the population would be guaranteed by effective government programmes that would be geared towards narrowing the leadership gap that had been facilitated by a decade-long gruesome war and government neglect of youth education and job training.

On thanking the people, he assured the PMDC London branch that many more people will come onboard the Positive Change train to see the liberation of Sierra Leone from the clutches of corruption that is eating away the hopes of our nation.

The Gala Dinner and Dance was garnished with performances from young and old Sierra Leonean artists. A Sierra Leonean talent, "Bush Doctor" first appeared, with a unique rhythm that is reminiscent of a cross between Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, which was followed by Bunny Mack, a well-known musician and songwriter.

A women cultural masquerade, ’Bondo Devil’, also performed. The entertainment session of the evening was crowned by the wonderful performance from ’King Masco’ and his Trio of daughters. Their choice of music, "Let’s Build Africa," was appropriate for a well attended political fundraiser by Africans.