Leave Our Respected Chiefs Alone

11 August 2006 at 01:41 | 788 views


By Alpha Saidu Bangura, Atlanta, Georgia

I wonder why Hon. Ernest Koroma,(leader of the A.P.C.) and other opposition leaders are displeased with Paramount Chiefs meeting with Vice President,Solomon Berewa.

Politics is a social science that deals with people(their welfare, interests and all that affects them). Paramount Chiefs are elected by their people to lead in pushing their chiefdoms forward, therefore, chiefs are also politicians.

It will best for Mr. Koroma and others to understand that democracy is a system of government in which absolute political power is vested in the hands of the people. In a democracy, people(including Paramount Chiefs) are free to belong to any political party of their choice.

If we look at the history of the major political parties(SLPP and APC) in Sierra Leone, we will see that they all had chiefs among their founding fathers. I will encourage all political leaders in our country to emulate the good examples of the United States Of America(which is believed to be the mother of all democracies).

In the USA ,all governors(state leaders,)county executives(chiefdom leaders) and judges of the superior courts belong to political parties. The most important thing is that their political affiliations do not let them be unfair or unjust to other people.

I would like Mr. Koroma and others to understand that Vice President Berewa, holding a meeting with Paramount Chiefs in the north does not mean that all the chiefs are supporting the SLPP. If the APC or any other political party wants to hold meetings with the same chiefs they are free to do so. That is what democracy is all about.

I would like Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma to understand that never again will we the people of Sierra Leone allow the APC to remove Paramount Chiefs from office only because the said chiefs did not support the APC in elections. Mr. Koroma ,please leave our respected chiefs alone, let them support any party of their choice, that is their constitutional right.

At this time the most important thing we want to hear from the APC Leader is his proof of having the capacity to take the country forward if he wins the next elections. The simplest way for him show his fitness for the position of president is by presenting his past records.

We the people want to see his records as a teacher in Makeni,as an employee at N.I.C. and Reliance insurance companies, and as chairman, Guma Valley Water Company. Let him also, show evidence about his relationship with the late Pa Siaka Stevens and Mr. Jamil Sahid Mohamed. We also want him to show that he can unite his broken APC party because at this point in our country, we need a leader who can bring people together. Lastly, let Mr. Koroma tell us about his vision for Sierra Leone.