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Kono: There is nothing to fear

11 April 2018 at 03:59 | 2533 views


By: Kalilu Totangi, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Folks, it is now clear that nobody was attacked in Kono, let alone by SLPP supporters, as stated by P. C. Bai Kurr Kanagboro in Mashingbi in a BBC report filed by journalist, Umaru Fofana.

Both the security coordinators in Kono and Tonkolili districts have confirmed on SLBC Morning Coffee program that nobody was attacked in Kono. Instead, those who are now fleeing have been the aggressors all through the electioneering period. They just ran for fear of retaliation. Many of them are returning to their places already.

Many of the people who decided to run were scammed into running away by an organized group. People just came hurriedly to their tribesmen and told them they will be attacked in a few minutes, causing them to flee their settlements. This is wrong. These people have created misery for people who have been destitute already.

Chief Kanagbaro has an interest in this, because it was he who gave Le 150m, $10,000 and a jeep to Chiefdom Speaker Koroma, and emboldened him to insult the Paramount Chief George Torto.

No sooner they lost, he went around telling members of the APC to leave the Chiefdom on the pretext that the Konos were planning to kill them.

I believe this is part of a plot to unsettle this country at the behest of a few greedy people who can’t bear losing. It is wrong, and Sierra Leoneans must reject it.