Letter to editor

Kailahun district and the two Johns

4 September 2007 at 09:55 | 759 views

The Fate of our Country lies in the Hands of John Benjamin and John Karimu of the SLPP Reform Group.

John Benjamin and John Karimu are at work in Kailahun District. They have influenced a CURFEW in Kailahun which has lasted for three days now.

Only God knows what these two Johnnies are up to as we approach the RUN-OFF......Is it ELECTION RIGGING.....or throwing the country into VIOLENCE?

The SLPP REFORM GROUP is working hand in glove with both John Benjamin and John Karimu for a WIN AT ALL COST for the SLPP in the upcoming RUN-OFF.

We should pray for PEACE in our country as these two gentlemen are diabolical in manipulating the return of the SLPP back to power. Harassment and victimization of opposition party supporters in Kailahun District has now become a campaign tool in their hands in favour of their SLPP.

The people are now living in perpetual fear of their lives in the hands of John Benjamin and John Karimu. Their paid SLPP THUGS are all graduates from the school of SATANISM. Their lecturers (JB &JK) are well seasoned with theories of transforming Kailahun District into a HUMAN SLAUGHTER HOUSE.

Let us all pray that the ACTIONS of these two gentlemen do not ignite another REBEL WAR during and after the RUN-OFF. Their blatant preaching of TRIBALISM against the APC in order to get South-Easterners to vote for their SLPP and Berewa, is enough a tool to throw the country into another CIVIL WAR.

As we closely monitor these two gentlemen for holding them responsible in the near future for what ever crisis that erupt during the RUN-OFF, let us at the same time pray to avert what they wish for our mama Salone.

Long live Salone!
Long live Democracy!

Teddy Foday-Musa
Concerned Citizen.