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It’s Arizona’s turn to celebrate

6 November 2007 at 09:26 | 506 views


The APC - Arizona Chapter will soon be inaugurated during their planned Victory Dance on Saturday November 17th, 2007.

It is with a great pleasure from the A.P.C. Arizona Chapter to announce their up coming twin occasions i.e. inauguration and the party’s victory (come back to power) on the just concluded parliamentary and presidential elections in our beloved country Sierra Leone. This chapter is believed to be very small in number, but energetic in terms of actions under the leadership of the young and dynamic rock-star AL-hassan Aziz Turay.

The said chapter was found and introduced by Mr. AL- Aziz Turay, chairman and Mr. James Kombu Smart, Vice chairman during the campaign period for the recently concluded general and presidential elections in Sierra Leone.

This group is made up of some Sierra Leoneans currently residing in the state of Arizona. The group participated in every APC function and had made significant contributions to the APC campaign team here in the U.S. The group also led delegations to different states to participate in APC activities during this period.

The above picture is a cross-section of the delegation to Los Angeles, California during the leader’s last visit to the U.S. in December of 2006. It was also during this visit that a female member of the delegation (Mariama Jalloh) predicted that the leader is going to be the next president of Sierra Leone.

It is with great honour that this chapter, is extending an invitation to all Sierra Leoneans, APC, PMDC as well as SLPP members in the Diaspora, to come in their numbers and make this occasion successful; especially the executive members of the APC North America Branch.

The designated guest of honour for this occasion is no other person but the founder of the Gambia APC chapter and ambassador at large Mr. Kallay Musa Conteh. He is expected to arrive in Phoenix, two days ahead of the event in order to put all modalities in place for D-Day. There is no need to worry about lodging, food and transportation. We can do it and it’s free, trust us.

The picture above shows the delegation from Arizona: from left to right sitting are: Ms. Mariama Jalloh, AL- Aziz Turay, and H.E. the President Ernest Bai Koroma; standing from left to right are: Mr. John Y. Dawo, Mr. Brima M. Turay and Mr. James Kombu Smart alias WAJA). Long Live Sierra Leone! Long Live A.P.C.!