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Introducing APC-Ontario chapter

5 April 2016 at 01:41 | 1761 views

By Our Correspondent

In 2007 initial steps were taken by some party loyalists to form the Chapter in Toronto, Canada, but the APC Ontario Chapter only came into full bloom after an executive body was elected led by Chairman AbuBakarr Kamara in the summer of 2014.

Subsequent to the election, the new executive initiated plans to launch the Chapter in an effort to intensify the membership drive. So, on Saturday December 27, 2014, the APC-Ontario Chapter Canada (APCOC) was officially launched at an auspicious event that took place at the Bethlehem Banquet Hall in Toronto. It was well attended by Sierra Leoneans as well as non-Sierra Leoneans living in the Greater Toronto Area.

It was considered an immense success by attendees who came clad in the bright red colors of the national ruling party to show their solidarity.

A cross-section of APC-Ontario members

Chairman AbuBakarr Kamara was a civil servant in Sierra Leone and is currently working with the City of Toronto’s social housing agency. He migrated to Canada in 2000 following the escalation of the civil war in Sierra Leone. He played a pivotal role in galvanizing the community during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and was a member of the Crisis Response Committee which raised funds to help with the crisis.

APC-Ontario, ready for action.

APCOC is the first of its kind to be launched in the most populous province in Canada. And it is for this reason that Sierra Leoneans of all stripes came to not only be part of the organization, but to also be part of a movement that aspires to promote democracy, accountability and cooperation with the party at home and its supporters in the diaspora.

AbuBakarr Kamara, Chairman, APC-Ontario.

In his keynote address at the time, the chairman of APCOC, AbuBakarr Kamara, emphasized said:

“The APC Ontario Chapter is open to all Sierra Leoneans and Canadians of Sierra Leonean descent. This Chapter is going to devote its efforts to support the National APC party to win elections through the democratic process. It will also seek to nurture the culture of patriotism among Sierra Leoneans living in Ontario.”

The names of the current executive members of the Chapter include the following: -

1. Chairman - Mr. AbuBakarr Kamara

2. Secretary - Mr. Sheriff R. Sesay

3. Acting Secretary - Mr. Ibrahim K. Bangura

4. Financial Secretary - Madam Zainab Bah

5. Social Secretary - Madam Rugiatu Turay

6. Public Relations Officer - Mr. Moe Marah

7. Women’s Leader - Madam Memunatu Bangura

8. Youths’ Leader - Mr. Abdulai British Sesay

9. Executive Adviser - Mr. Joseph S. Lakoh (Chief)

As a result of the immense team effort, the Chapter has an established website and has increased membership exponentially. And it is the goal of this executive with collaboration of the executives of the other chapters, to make the APC Canadian branch very effective in the enhancement of the national party.

Efforts are currently underway to establish the APC Canada branch and it will incorporate all the three established chapters in Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario. Much has been achieved and soon, the National Secretariat in Freetown will be approached to request a certificate of recognition of the branch. This will provide an impetus for intensifying the membership in all three chapters in Canada.

There are also plans afoot by the APC Ontario chapter for the annual grand fund raising event, a dinner and dance to be organized in the summer. This event is meant to not only intensify the membership drive, but also to sensitize members of the Sierra Leonean community of the need to promote democracy in our beloved native land.

Editor’s Note: In addition to the more established chapters in Manitoba, Ontario and and Alberta, we have been reliably informed that plans are afoot to establish an APC-British Columbia branch. There have been rumours of an APC-Saskatchewan branch also.