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Indian Doctors Provide Free Surgical Treatment

31 May 2007 at 19:58 | 203 views

A team of 12 Indian doctors from the Rotary Club of
India are currently in Freetown providing free
surgical treatment to those patients who deserve it.
They will be here for two weeks and in the last 72
hours, close to 250 patients have visited the
Choithram Memorial hospital at Hill Station, where
they are based, for observation and possible

Firstly, patients will have to undergo screening and
if their case is serious, are either admitted at the
Choithram Hospital or referred to the Connaught
Hospital, where medical staff from the former, will
provide them with similar treatment.
Doctor from India have over the years been providing
free medical and surgical examination here . Most
recently, they treated patients with eye defects and
breast cancer respectively.
Those currently here are guests of the Rotary Club of