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Hinga Norman Family Press Release

30 August 2007 at 14:41 | 693 views

Statement from Hinga Norman Family,
Moinina Fofana & Alieu Kondewa
For Public Release, August 30, 2007

It has come to the attention of the family of Chief Sam Hinga Norman, Late of Ngolala Village, Valunia Chiefdom, Bo District in the Southern Region of Sierra Leone that certain persons representing the Women’s Wing of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) under the direction of Mrs. Mamie Norman have in the last several days made attempts to visit the grave of Mr. Norman in his ancestral home of Ngolala. The Hinga Norman family wishes to inform the public that former Vice President, Dr. Albert Joe Demby, is the chief adviser and guardian of the Hinga Norman family and the Rev. Alfred M. SamForay of the United States represents the family in all matters relating to the trial and death of Chief Hinga Norman. The public is, therefore, advised that no person or group is authorized to perform any ceremonies, rites or rituals on the grave of Chief Hinga Norman without the expressed permission of the Hinga Norman family through their designated representative.

The family also wishes it to be known that any unauthorized visit to the gravesite of Chief Hinga Norman with the intent of pouring libation or any similar activity is a violation of the family’s right to privacy. The High Priest of the Kamajors, Alieu Musa Kondewa, also wishes to inform the public that the burial site of Chief Hinga Norman remains a sacred site for the Kamajor, Wunde and Poro Societies and non-Initiates and female relatives of the Chief are clearly forbidden to perform any ceremonial activities at the gravesite. Members of the Kamajor Movement, chiefs and elders of Valunia Chiefdom, Ngolala Village and Mongere Town are hereby advised accordingly.

On a related matter, former CDF Director of War, Mr. Moinina Fofana and former Chief Initiator of the Kamajors, Dr. Alieu Kondewa, wish to relay to the public that contrary to statements to that effect, they have not re-joined the Sierra Leone People’s Party and neither they nor any members of their immediate family have accepted any offers for that purpose. It is to be recalled that Mr. Fofana, Dr. Kondewa and Chief Sam Hinga Norman, previous to his death, issued a public statement in which they resigned as members of the SLPP and although fraternal discussions have been held at the Detention Center over the past few days between Mr. Fofafana and Dr. Kondewa on one hand and representatives of the SLPP including Dr. John Karimu and Mr. John Benjamin on the other hand, there has been no retraction by the Kamajor leaders as to their membership of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC). Mr. Fofana and Dr. Kondewa further wish to inform that they have issued no instructions regarding membership in the SLPP to rank and file members of the Kamajor Movement, friends or family.

Finally, the Hinga Norman family wishes it to be known that they have taken no sides in the present campaign for the presidency of the Republic of Sierra Leone and prevails on all concerned to respect their wishes on this matter.

Alfred Munda SamForay,
For the Hinga Norman Family, Moinina Fofana & Alieu Kondewa

Photo: The late Chief Samuel Hinga Norman.