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Here comes the Obama-Biden Ticket!

24 August 2008 at 10:48 | 1080 views


By Jean Jacques Bosco, Vancouver, Canada.

Greetings everyone,

It was around 3:00 am on Saturday morning when I received on my cellular phone a text message from the upcoming commander in chief, Senator Barack OBAMA. Ooo ouaaa oooh! “ Barack has chosen Joe Biden to be his running mate”the text message said.

In fact, as an OBAMA long time supporter and ambassador of Hope,Change & Experience, I ran to my TV to watch the negative advertisement which the Republican crew is desperately throwing out to the public. In my opinion, this might have been devastating news for John McCain who has a good relationship with the V-P, Joe Biden. Both men have known each other for the past twenty years. Infact, Joe has been a congress man longer than McCain. Given that Joe Biden has more experience on US foreign policy, it can be concluded that the Republican candidate looks at Joe Biden with high regard.

Well, this is going to be a major hummer to John McCain, the 72 year old. In Joe Biden’s words, McCain is a “war hero but not a wise man to be a commander in chief”. Democrats have become a force in our times. It is a tale of two brilliant and heavy weight men, a 47 year old with the valour of Youth and Hope and a 65 year old with wisdom and leadership insight. MC Cain’s presidency run is completely over.

Ending a long time of speculation, Barack has brought Joseph Biden who is well known in politics in Washington. A son of a car salesman first elected in Delaware at the age of 29 in 1972, Biden is a veteran senator. Biden understands poverty. He is a Washington DC poorest senator. He rides the train every day back to his home in Delaware, an indication that he has not been corrupted by the DC’s corporate lobbyists. Being a Roman Catholic originally from Pennsylvania, he brings in working class votes. This is a winning election for the democrats.

The United States V-P, Biden, emerged as a strong choice last Friday beating three contenders: Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine, and New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Barack has chosen someone who will fill the gaps in his foreign policy experience and connect with blue-collar workers. Political analysts have pointed out that Joe brings a balance in geographical votes, experience from Washington as an insider for three decades, competence in foreign policy, white votes and catholic voters. Joe Biden is not shy to speak his mind. He is a great addition to the Democratic presidential ticket.

This is the guy who can take a punch but also who is not shy to punch back as Bill Schneider told CNN. Not only is he tough, he is also highly qualified and well regarded by both Republican and Democratic colleagues. Everyone remembers his unsuccesful presidential run in 1988 and recently in 2008. He has some tragic stories in his life too. One month after his election in 1972, Biden’s wife and daughter were killed in a car accident. He has persisted on and never given up, a true leader in our times.

Hillary Clinton has lent her support for Biden ticket. "In naming my colleague and friend Senator Joe Biden to be the Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Obama has continued in the best traditions of the Vice Presidency by selecting an exceptionally strong, experienced leader and devoted public servant. Senator Biden will be a purposeful and dynamic Vice President who will help Senator Obama both win the Presidency and govern this great country.”

Finally, all this is good news for the Democrats and for sure it’s a big punch to Republicans. The message of Youth-Hope and Wisdom - Experience promises to win the White House in a few weeks in November 2008.

Stay tuned, more to come!