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Guma Valley Workers Shut Down Freetown

3 June 2007 at 03:05 | 377 views

By Jonathan Leigh, Freetown.

Junior workers of the Guma Valley Water Company shut
down taps in Freetown for few hours last Friday in
protest at the murder of one of it Senior Personnel by
Fire Force Workers two days earlier.

The shut down completely paralyzed the city which is
already experiencing acute water shortage. A statement
from the office of the President regrets the death of
Tony Ojeah, the company’s Distribution Engineer “in an
encounter with personnel of the National Fire Force
who were collecting water from the Guma hydrant at
Kingharman Road/Main Motor Road Junction for the
purpose of selling it for personal benefit.”

The statement says the Police are investigating the
matter and five suspects are already in custody. Human
Rights Commission of Sierra Leone also condemns the
alleged assault “as it amounts to human rights
violation.” It further condemns all acts of violence
and lawlessness by individuals; in particular against
public officials acting on the course of their

Tony Ojeah married about two years ago and government
express it condolences to the family and assured the
public that no effort will be spread in bringing the
culprits to justice.