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Grief and mourning in Freetown

20 August 2017 at 04:29 | 1080 views

By PV Staff Writers

There has been nothing but grief and mourning in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, in the past few days.

At least 400 people, mainly women and children, are said to have perished from a massive mud slide in Regent village, a few miles from the city centre.

About 600 people have not yet been accounted for according to reports and scores are in hospital.

International response to the disaster have been swift. Among the first to appear in Freetown was president Alpha Conde of neighbouring Guinea who is also chairman of the African Union. Other West African leaders or their representatives have since then made the trip to Freetown with financial and material support.

Other international friends of Sierra Leone like China, Britain,Turkey, Qatar and others have sent in much needed aid.

Meanwhile here is a woman mourning the death of her two children, Adama (female) and Alpha (male) who were among those that died in the mud slide:

And here are photos of some of the people that lost their lives in the disaster. Both video clips are from social media posts by Sierra Leoneans.