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Government development agency cooperates with British NGO

21 February 2007 at 03:00 | 252 views

The National Commission for Social Action NaCSA and Handicap International (HI) have held discussions on possibilities for cooperation and collaboration.

The discussion in Freetown took place against the background of the successful implementation of a major psycho-social project by Handicap International leading to the explorationf the possibility of a partnership on social integration and income generation projects.

Briefing the Commissioner, the New HI Programme Director, Philipe Martinez, said they have been working in Freetown, Bo and Koidu, but will now concentrate their activities at the Bo Government hospital this year, commencing in March. Among other things, he said they will focus on children and ex-combatants to see how they can assist them in social reintegration and income generation. He hoped they can collaborate with NaCSA in these areas and in their work worked amputees and the War Wounded.

Responding, the Commissioner of NaCSA, Alhaji Kanja Sesay said he was happy to receive HI and welcomed the New Programme Director to the country. He explained the mandate of the commission and its work, especially with Amputees and the War Wounded. Alhaji Sesay informed the HI team of Government’s policy in resettling amputees and the war wounded in the same way as other displaced people, disclosing that a trust fund has been established, while the Reparation programme recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation and being implemented by NaCSA is now in its pilot stage.

He stated NaCSA’s willingness to collaborate with handicap international and wished the New Programme Director a happy and successful stay in Sierra Leone.

Handicap International collaborated with NaCSA and implemented a major psycho-social project in the Kailahun district during 2005/2006 as part of the French-funded Kono-Kailahun Development fund(KKDF).