Letter to editor

Get it Right, Mr. Mayor

20 January 2006 at 05:36 | 1727 views

I thank the leader of the All Peoples Congress(APC), Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma for condemning the Freetown City Council because the council failed to march up to its responsibilities. This shows that the APC now holds itself to higher standards and is ready for positive change. I only hope and pray that the party will continue this good work.

I would like the leadership of the APC to believe that the Freetown City Council is not performing well because of the wrong approach of the mayor Mr. Winstanley Johnson.
It will be best for mayor Johnson to understand that whenever he presides over the meetings of the council, he is not the master nor the boss of the council.He is the head among equals. Therefore, he must be willing to listen to the views of other councillors.The council must not be ruled by the mayor’s dictates because no one person has a monopoly of knowledge. Decisions of the council must be reached by unanimous consent.

Another wrong belief the mayor has is that, as the father of the city of Freetown, he is equal in rank and in status to the president and ministers of government.When mayor Johnson came to the United States of America, at a meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia, he said he refused to attend a meeting at the Sierra Leone embassy in Washington, DC, because nobody in the embassy accorded him the privileges that should be given to senior government officials. I encourage the mayor to read the laws governing the Freetown City Council, so that, he will properly understand his position and role.

I want the leaders of the APC to let mayor Johnson know that if he continues to act wrong, he will be removed from his position.The mayor must also know that, he is not bigger than the APC and the Freetown City Council.His worship the mayor, must keep in his mind that, Respect is not something people demand by doing the wrong things. Respect is something people command by acting right.
I urge the APC to regulate the activities of the mayor, in order for him not to tarnish the good standing of the party.Far gone the days when one man would be allowed to put the entire party into trouble.

In conclusion I advise the mayor of Freetown,Mr. Winstanley Bankole Johnson to get it right or be ready to face the consequences of his actions. Mr. Mayor this is not a threat, it is a promise.

Alpha Saidu Bangura, Washington, DC, USA

Photo: Winstanley Bankole Johnson, mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone.