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Freetown: Radio Station Attacked

4 August 2007 at 20:40 | 613 views

According to a very reliable source in Freetown, a radio station commonly known as BBN(Believers Broadcasting Network) located at Pademba Road was attacked between 4 and 4:30 this morning.

One radio technician was shot near the groin, and an armed OSD officer was shot in the stomach. Both are in serious condition and have been admitted at the Emergency hospital at Goderich, near Freetown.

BBN is a Christian religious station owned by Ransford Wright, who is currently in Makeni.

Ransford is also the head of Independent Radio Network, backed by the BBC World Service Trust, with about 20 affiliated stations across the country. On election day, and thereafter, they will report on the vote count, etc. This was first done in 2002 and then again for the local government elections. It is not known if the attack may have been connected with that, but BBN does not take any political position.

According to the BBN website,Believers Broadcasting Network (BBN) FM 93 is an indigenously owned Christian radio broadcaster established in 1992, to “enlighten the hearts of people through ... preaching and songs of God’s words, and to convert new souls for Christ.” The station is licensed through the Ministry of Information as a religious station, registered with the Administrator General’s office. BBN, currently employs ten broadcast journalists.

The station is funded through donations from Christian individuals and organizations, and through request and announcement fees generated from citizens of all religions. The Station Manager edits all programming before it is certified by the Program Director. Programs are aired in both pre-recorded and live broadcast formats. Training programs for staff are organized quarterly.

Photo: Ransford Wright at BBN studio.

Photo credit: BBN website.