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Follow the money

By  | 14 November 2018 at 14:58 | 1563 views


The news that foreign auditors from sister or brother African countries like Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania will be joining their Sierra Leonean counterparts to audit the books of the past administration is good news, at least from the transparency and fairness standpoints.


1. The process will add foreign expertise to the work already done in past years by our own Auditor-General, a remarkable woman indeed.

2. I suspect the FBI and Scotland Yard will be brought in at some point with their latest technology. To access overseas accounts you need the most sophisticated technology and the cooperation of foreign governments.

3. These foreign auditors are going to follow the money both internally and internationally. Some of the money may be buried underground in humble houses and ostentatious mansions. To access this bunker money they will of course need human intelligence and whistle blowers. A good reward for this service will of course be necessary.

4. But no sacred cows, please.. Sierra Leoneans generally do not have sacred cows anyway. They eat them.

5.Only the guilty should be prosecuted which means only the guilty should be afraid.

6. Finally good luck to the auditors both foreign and local. There will be attempts to bribe you of course.