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Fake Diamonds: Three Americans duped

13 June 2007 at 20:07 | 338 views

By Sorie Sudan Sesay.

Police last week arrested three American citizens at
the Lungi International Airport with parcels
containing stones suspected to be diamonds, Assistant
Director of the Criminal Investigation Department
(CID), JPJ Conteh last Tuesday confirmed to
journalists at the weekly police press briefing.

According to Conteh, the suspects: Banik Babad Janov,
Albert Babad Zhanov and Abo Mordukhayov, claimed that
the said parcels were sold to them by one Mohamed
Barkwe, believed to be a diamond dealer who is
currently on the run.The said diamonds were later confirmed to be fake stones by the Government Gold and Diamond Office

The police have later released the suspects on grounds
that no convincing evidence(s) was found against them.
Conteh did not confirm how many suspected fake diamond
dealers have so far been arrested by the police, but
disclosed further that the rate at which fake stones
are being sold by purported diamond dealers has been
rampant in the country in recent days and that they
will use the appropriate strategies to bring such
perpetrators to book.