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Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone: A Photo Narrative of Black Heritage on Salt Spring Island

17 November 2009 at 01:42 | 533 views

By Evelyn C. White, Canada.

$24.95 ISBN 978-0-9732519-1-3

Disaffected with increasingly repressive laws that aimed to curtail their hard-won freedom, a courageous group of blacks in California left the state in the 1850s and settled in western Canada, notably on Salt Spring Island. Today, direct descendants of the early black pioneers still reside in the pastoral landscape also hailed as one of the top artist colonies in North America. In recent years, people of African descent from the U.S., the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the South Pacific Islands, and other regions of Canada have settled on Salt Spring inspiring a renaissance in the island’s black heritage. Resplendent with archival and contemporary photos, Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone documents the intriguing racial history of Salt Spring and, as such, serves as a celebration of the multicultural roots of Canada.

What people are saying...

"Evelyn C. White is a passionate writer and an acute observer. ... With her lens, Joanne Bealy captures the sweet essence of love, the resilience of family (no matter what it looks like) and black pride."

"The book is BEAUTIFUL!! It made me cry."

"A thoroughly researched 100-plus page book that traces Salt Spring’s black community from the latter 19th century to the present day. ... The historical record of the island’s black settlers has at long last come of age. ... Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone has flown off the shelves."

"Your book is a wonderful historical document that gives black people a collective presence on Salt Spring. I am sure it will attract more blacks to the island and become even more valuable as time goes on."

"What a beautiful offering. The purity of it, the love. You have made the ancestors happy; nothing is more important."

About the Author

Salt Spring Island resident Evelyn C. White is the author of Alice Walker: A Life (2004). She is at work on an illustrated book about Aretha Franklin.