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Ernest Koroma warns against SLPP rigging

13 June 2007 at 19:58 | 327 views

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.

The leader of the opposition All People’s Congress (APC),
Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma(photo), has warned that any attempt to
rig the August 11, 2007 elections would be disastrous.
Koroma said that the incumbent party had already
manipulated the electoral process and elements in the
government are hell bent on winning the elections at
all costs.

In a telephone interview with this correspondent, he
said: “what the APC accepted in the 2002 elections, we
wont accept in the 2007 elections. This is a turning
point in the history of the country”.

He said Sierra Leoneans in 2007 are far more attuned
to the nusances of democracy and are willing to
sacrifice themselves for democracy than they were in
1967 when the democratic order was disrupted by one
party and almost 40 years of unconstitutional action

In a related development, Koroma last Monday
questioned the leadership experience of Vice President
and Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP),
Solomon Berewa, which he(Berewa) is claiming to have gained
when he addressed students at the Milton Margai
College of Education and Technology (MMCE&T) at the
college’s Goderich campus.

Speaking on the theme: “The Significance of the APC
Peace Accord in the forward match to victory in August
2007,” Koroma said: “unfortunately for Solomon Berewa,
his pupil master President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah is the
worst performing President this country has ever
had...and being his running mate cannot be absolved of
any complicity in the conspiracy to misdirect,
misinform, misrule and mislead this nation.”

Koroma said President Kabbah has woefully failed the
nation and Solomon Berewa, being his running mate can
only follow suit in the conspiracy to misdirect,
misinform, misrule and misrule this nation, adding
that Berewa should be ashamed of priding himself with
such experience acquired in his five-year internship
under President Kabbah.

He asked: “Solomon Berewa is boasting of
experience, what experience? The experience that has
grounded the economy with no electricity, no water,
poor health and education facilities?

In an indirect response to Berewa’s consistent attack
on his alleged inexperience , Koroma said that there
is no school or college where one could learn how to
become a President of any country.