Letter to editor

Ernest Koroma Needs a Media Team

28 August 2005 at 22:34 | 366 views

Dear Editor,

I have been watching the political campaigns in the country and what I have noticed is that SLPP candidates usually have campaign teams including vibrant and skilfull spokesmen and women who usually speak on behalf of such candidates. But I have noticed, with dismay, that the strongest opposition party in the country, the APC ,lacks strong campaign teams to help their man Ernest Koroma. He has no spokesman or woman to speak out for him when he is insulted by Kabbah’s spokesman Kainji Daramy.Why is the APC neglecting this very important part of any political campaign in the modern world, namely, strong campaign teams and strong media practitioners and experts? Mr. editor, I hope Honourable Ernest Koroma and the APC will think about this seriously. Thanks for the space.

Yours Sincerely,

Samuel Kargbo,

London, UK.

Photo: Hon. Ernest Koroma, APC leader in the Sierra Leone parliament.