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Effecting positive social change in Koya chiefdom

14 April 2019 at 20:28 | 2947 views

Editor’s Note: This article was first published October 24 2017.


By Dr. Nanah Sheriff Fofanah-Sesay, USA.

Throughout my doctoral program at Walden University, the school’s mission and vision of impacting positive social change resonated and continue to do so today.

The impact of this mission has enabled me and fellow alumni the opportunity to become agents for change by utilizing knowledge and skills acquired from this highly reputable institution of higher learning and applying these tools to the real world in order to make a difference in the lives of people and their communities.

As an agent for change, identifying of any social issue comes at ease. In this regard, I was able to identify a need for the availability of basic human needs such as food, clean water, stationery for school children, top-up or phone cards to enhance communication, and over-the-counter medications in my home chiefdom of Koya. These are needs most people in developed countries take for granted due to their availability while some developing countries yearn for them.

Findings from a needs assessment that I conducted in Koya Chiefdom during my last visit in Sierra Leone indicated an urgent need for bakeries, retail stores, and pharmacies. According to some of the locals in Songo town, a bakery or a retail store has not existed in this town since 1982 and 1985 respectively. The descendants further indicated that a pharmacy has never existed in the townships.

The issue of transportation to purchase these needed products in neighboring towns such as Waterloo and Freetown is now compounded by the existence of tolls as payment made to these tolls has escalated the cost of transportation for passengers. In addition, lack of a store for convenience access to goods often resulted in delay in obtaining needed school supplies for school children at the beginning of the school year, communication through mobile phones can be a challenge due to unavailability of top-up or phone cards, and worsening illnesses due to lack of medications. Looking at all these constraints, I made a conscious decision as an agent for positive social change to make these needs met for the citizens of Koya Chiefdom and beyond.
The project started on the second week of December 2016 on a 1.2 acre of land located about 1 mile from Songo town. Upon completion of the wired fence, the location was named “Crestleigh Farm.” The next agenda was the construction of a 3 bedroom security house to house the care-taker of the property. This is followed by the construction of a second building that now houses a store, pharmacy, and a bakery.

After 10 months in the making with an estimated financial investment of 150,000 dollars, the “Doctor Nanah and Family Enterprise in Crestleigh Farm” came to fruition.

With the launching of this enterprise on October 21, 2017, customer will have access to a variety of affordable products such as school supplies, bag rice, bag onions, cooking oil, fertilizers, can goods, powdered peak milk, candles, laundry soap, bathing soap, pepper, sardines, sugar, ovaltines, tea-leaves, shelltox, batteries, margarine butter, mayonnaise, packet water, fresh baked bread, phone cards, and pharmacy services.

In addition, having this business in operation will provide direct delivery services to most villages in Koya Chiefdom through a vehicle provided by the enterprise. The enterprise will be operated by five paid staff members however, the number of employees is expected to increase as the business thrives. Considering the location, affordability, demand, and supply, this business is expected to attract a large number of customers.The hours of operations are from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday.

This narrative will not be complete with the exclusion of the architect behind the project. I duff my hat off for the serious-minded, dedicated, and watchful eyes of Honorable James Morlai Kamara who also double as the deputy minister of Education, Science, and Technology in Sierra Leone.In all fairness, the outcome of this project may have been different without his intervention. His marked experience in construction and business management played a significant role in propelling this business project for which I am beyond grateful.

With humility and pride, the “Doctor Nanah and Family Enterprise in Crestleigh Farm Songo town is looking forward to providing customer oriented services to all citizens of Koya Chiefdom and beyond.

This article is dedicated to Walden University for empowering me knowledge that translated my person to an agent for positive social change. This article is also dedicated to honorable James Morlai Kamara for championing this project on my behalf.

Dr. Nanah Sheriff Fofanah-Sesay jubilating over the launching of her family project

Here is a guided tour of the project facilities

And here are guests at the project launching ceremony: