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Eddie Turay in serious trouble

6 October 2016 at 02:43 | 3581 views

All Peoples Congress (APC)

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Press Statement From The All Peoples Congress (APC) Party National Secretariat

The attention of the All Peoples Congress (APC) has been drawn to a press statement issued by High Commissioner Edward Mohamed Turay, His Excellency’s appointed envoy to the Court of Saint James’ in London.

In the statement, Comrade Turay denounced His Excellency’s appointment of National Office Holders of the APC to Ministerial positions. He further maintains that holders of Executive positions should “Choose between their Ministerial jobs and that of Party Executive positions’. Who is he to give that ultimatum?

The Leadership of the APC is taken aback by Comrade Turay’s unguided outbursts using the social media and the print and electronic media to denounce a decision of the Party to elect persons who are eminently qualified to be Party National Executive members at a National Delegates Conference. The decision of this organ (National Delegates Conference) is final and if Turay believes the President who is Chairman and Leader of our Party should not appoint such Party office holders he should do it through channels laid down in the Party Constitution.

In the first place it is misleading for Comrade Turay to suggest that holding two positions he refers to is a “conflict of interest”. Where is the conflict? The Constitution of Sierra Leone makes provision for political parties to participate in shaping the will of the people. Elected officers of political parties are therefore eligible to serve as Ministers starting with the President who is Leader and Chairman of the Party. Is Comrade Turay aware that the Prime Minister of the UK is the head of his political party?

The APC in governance since the late sixties at several stages in its history (whether in opposition or in government) had Ministers holding executive positions in the Party. Siaka Stevens was Leader and Secretary General, Joseph Saidu Momoh was Leader and Secretary General, S.I. Koroma-Vice President 1 and National Organizing and Propaganda Secretary and C.A. Kamara Taylor-Vice President 11 and National Secretary General.

His Excellency, the President who is also our Chairman and Leader attempted to divorce the position of Chairman and Leader from the Presidential Candidate Position. It was our learned Comrade (Turay and others) who took our Leader and others to court to reverse the decision. The Supreme Court in its wisdom did reverse the decision to divorce the two positions. That is why we are saddled with the Constitution which makes it mandatory for the Leader and Chairman to be the Presidential Candidate.

Did President Koroma ever complain that the appointed Ministers were derelict in the performance of their duties in the Party? Why is Comrade Turay attempting to incite discord in a Party that is united under a caring Leadership?

By his public statement of condemnation, Turay is not only denouncing the Party Leader but also the decision of the highest organ of the Party accusing them by implication of lack of proper judgment. Amb. Comrade Edward Turay is hereby reminded that he was at the National Delegates Conference of 2013 where these officials were duly elected. As former Secretary General one would have expected him to use acceptable and clearly defined channels of communication for suggesting a change. The Party Convention is pending and recommendations are invited from members for any amendment to the Constitution of the Party.

Consequently, Comrade Edward Turay is hereby ordered to explain to the Party within 7 working days from the date of this release why action should not be instituted against him for engaging in actions tantamount to anti-Party activities, ranging from denouncing HE the Chairman and Leader for using his prerogative to appoint Party Comrades, and undermining the decision of the National Delegates Conference which he attended.

Amb. Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh
National Secretary General

Photo: High Commissioner Edward Mohamed Turay.