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EC Commends Vanguard Contributors

By  | 27 November 2006 at 22:52 | 781 views

The European Commission has today commended two of the contributors of this newspaper, the Patriotic Vanguard.The two contributors are John Musa, a legal luminary in Maryland, USA and Sidi Yaya Tunis, a political activist also based in Maryland.

In a letter to Mr. Musa, John Wallford of the European Commission cited the article entitled "Why Taylor Should be tried at the Hague" written by Musa and published in the Vanguard on Saturday 1st April 2006, as a work of quality.

"That article drew our attention to compete for the Lorenzo Natalie Prize 2006 of the European Commission", Wallford wrote.

A similar letter was also addressed to Sidi Tunis(photo) for his article entitled "I Pledge Allegiance" which was publshed on May 8, 2006.

According to a press release attached to the letters of commendation to the two brilliant writers received today by the Vanguard editorial board, the EC expressed its commitment to support and encourage journalists who show remarkable judgment in their articles on human rights and democracy in the developing world.

The 2006 Lorenzo Natali Prize, according to the release, is targeted at print and online journalists who work for media in Europe, Africa,the Arab World, Iran and Israel,Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. Each candidate is encouraged to submit an article on Human Rights and Democracy Issues in the developing countries which was published between the 1st September 2005 and 31st December 2006. The application deadline is 31st January 2007. Only one article should be presented per candidate.

A donation of 50,00 EUROS is envisaged this year to reward the 15 selected journalists coming from the five continents invited to the ceremony of the handing over of prizes in Brussels, Belgium, in May 2007.

The Vanguard management would like to congratulate John Musa and Sidi Tunis for their erudite articles and for bringing more honour and glory to the Vanguard.

The Patriotic Vanguard, founded in July 2005, has gradually carved, over time, a special niche for itself for readers seeking information on Sierra Leone in particular and Africa in general. It has received commendations from all over the world.

A newspaper in Australia interviewed Vanguard editor Gibril Koroma a couple of months ago on Sierra Leonean asylum seekers in that country, all of whom were later granted asylum.