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Easter Celebrations: Plastic Kites

By  | 5 April 2015 at 09:42 | 1009 views

Boys like girls anticipate Easter celebrations
When this reeling feeling of elation reigns
Lent is protracted fasting and purging of
my soul: so pensive for spiritual check-up.
Fragile mind, body and soul need tune-up
But kids abhor fasting every Good Friday
Mandated thirsty hours, when some do cheat
many folks lavish any measure for pleasure.
Easter kites mimic Christ’s Resurrection.

Sierra Leonean children fly plastic kites
all year round, longing to soar as eagles,
craving for education, food and decent lifestyle
12 year-old Mariatu says, ‘Papa government
don’t forget thousands of Ebola orphans like me’.
Easter Sunday unveils longing big celebrations
The pealing Hallelujah Chorus, seasoned with
triumphant hymns, real gourmet of the choir.
As a choirboy, inspiration pipes a line-up
of classical pieces. Airing a solo gives me
platform to express my unique vocal talent.

The end of prolonged worship ushers time for
refreshments with glutinous feasting galore.
At Easter, many hungry kids are flying kites.
Precious deep memories still linger in my soul
It’s so hard embracing Easter Eggs, culturally
alien to me: carved from innate African mold
Sometimes, acculturation is mere yoke of lead
too burdensome to bear amid clueless journey.
Jesus, my unpaid babysitter, with clear-eyed
mission shepherds us all everyday and night.
His atonement cleanses the cathedral of my soul.

Editor’s Note: Children from poor neighbourhoods in Freetown, Sierra Leone and the rest of the country normally use plastic bags as kites because they cannot afford the usual kite paper.