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Dr. John Karefa-Smart Pays tribute to Pa Bailor.

By  | 5 December 2006 at 00:57 | 808 views

One of the tributes paid to the departed Albert Academy principal Max Bailor is a short but poignant one from Dr. John Karefa-Smart(photo), the leader of the UNPP, one of Sierra Leone’s political parties.

In his message addressed to the Bailor family, academicians and the the general public, the elderly statesman whose enrollment number at the school was 31, referred to the family links between him and the the late Pa Bailor. He wrote:

"This is a personal message of sympathy with, and condolences to all members of the Max Bailor family. It is not generally known that the mother of our departed fellow alumnus and distinguished former principal of our Alma Mater, was a Bompeh Caulker cousin of mine.

Because "Teacher" Max Bailor was more closely associated with the Shenghe Caulkers and his work in Jaiama, Kono, the Bompeh Caulker link is seldom mentioned. We must all celebrate his life which will remain one of the best role models for all generations of Albert Academicians. Departing, he has left behind him "footprints on the sands of time." John K-S. "31"