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Donor Conference in Morocco to Raise $50m for NPA

10 July 2007 at 02:19 | 455 views

By Jonathan Leigh.

A two days donor conference involving some 36
financial institutions worldwide to raise
US$50 million for the supply of electricity in
Freetown ended today in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Sierra Leone is represented by Foreign Minister Momodu
Koroma and the donors expected to attend include the
World Bank, IMF and the UNDP.

Moroccan technicians have for the last six months been busy
in Freetown rehabilitating and overhauling the
generators at the Kingtom Power Station with spares
supplied by the Moroccan government and they have been
able to restore electricity supply to most of the
major streets in the city.

Their efforts are also being complimented by Celtel
Mobile Company who also have been installing street
lights in Freetown through a solar panel.
The Moroccan arrangement though, is for the supply of
more electricity than had been available for a long