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Dombolo in Sierra Leone Politics Next Week

27 January 2007 at 07:04 | 575 views

Sierra Leone politics will soon change in a very dramatic way if information received by the Patriotic Vanguard over the weekend is anything to go by.

The information, water tight, very reliable and groundbreaking, will be released by the Vanguard on Monday as our informants have pleaded with us to maintain an embargo on it until next week.

What we can tell our readers is that the explosive information and its repercussions are likely to send the ruling SLPP government to the political doldrums for decades, a repitition of what happened to that party in the 60s.

However, Sierra Leonean politics can be fluid and unpredictable and things might dramatically change by next week.What we can however say to our readers who are SLPP supporters is that the news is not good news for their party. No, it’s not a coup or an explosion of violence. Far from it.But again, as we say, things might change between now and Monday. Please stay tuned.

Photo: Solomon Berewa, SLPP leader.Has he heard the news?