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Doc P writes new book

8 February 2010 at 02:31 | 321 views

Dear friend of Eustace James Palmer,

PublishAmerica is proud to announce the recent release of Eustace James Palmer’s new book: A Hanging Is Announced!

Here’s what the author says about the book: In A Hanging Is Announced, a Peace Corps volunteer to the country of Sierra Leone joins a kind of carnival that he later finds out has been caused by crowds jostling to catch glimpses of corpses of five young men who have been executed for murder. An attorney for the defense tells him their stories as he had heard it from the condemned. The reader comes to understand the circumstances that led five young men, some of them quite promising, to murder and the gallows. The same events are seen from five different and, at times, conflicting points of view.

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Thank you for your interest in our author’s wonderful achievement.

Have a great day!


Top Photo: Professor Eustace Palmer, affectionately known as Doc P to thousands of his former students at the University of Sierra Leone including the editor and publisher of this online newpaper.