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Prominent diaspora Sierra Leonean media

24 June 2016 at 04:29 | 1405 views

By PV Staff.

People often wonder what we have as Sierra Leonean newspapers, magazines and online radio and television stations abroad.

Today we will try to bring some of the well known ones (it’s difficult to know all of them because of the age and relative obscurity of some of them). We will categorize by country and prominent characteristics. This is not an exhaustive list; we will bring you more Sierra Leonean diaspora media organizations as and when we discover them. As the say, charity begins at home, so we will start with Canada.

Sierra Leonean media in Canada.

1. The Patriotic Vanguard online newspaper

This is the most prominent Sierra Leonean online newspaper in Canada. It is also well known in other parts of the the world where you could find Sierra Leoneans and indeed in Sierra Leone itself. Published from Vancouver, Canada, by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, a journalist, translator and interpreter. Pro-APC.

2. 40 Acres

The 40 Acres online news portal is published by Lans Omar in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Lans also occasionally writes for the Patriotic Vanguard. He was at one time an executive member of the APC chapter in Winnipeg. 40 Acres is a mixture of entertainment, business, political and community news concentrating almost exclusively on Sierra Leoneans in Winnipeg.

Sierra Leonean media in the USA

The USA has perhaps the largest number of Sierra Leonean media outlets because of its size and population. It is also home to the largest number of Sierra Leoneans abroad. Here are some Sierra Leonean media in that country:

1. Cocorioko online newspaper.

Published from New Jersey by Reverend Leeroy Kabs-Kanu, a pastor and diplomat at the Sierra Leone mission in New York. Reports on and defends the government of Sierra Leone.

2. Sierra Express Media

An online newspaper owned by Adeyemi Paul who has a close connection with former APC Trade Minister Alhaji Osman Boie Kamara. Sierra Express Media also maintains an office in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

3. Salone Monitor online newspaper

Published by Joseph Sherman in Washington DC. Pro-APC.

4. The Rising Sun online newspaper

Published by Sallieu Conteh from Boston, USA. Pro-APC.

5. Bai Bureh Times online newspaper

Published by Arolyn Koroma from Washington DC. Pro-APC.

6. Mamba online television station (Mamba TV)

Owned by Mustapha Wai, an accountant and citizen journalist. He resides in Washington. This is one of the few prominent pro-SLPP media organizations outside Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leonean media in the United Kingdom

1.Sierra Update online newspaper

Published from London by Sorie Sudan Sesay, Press Attache at the Sierra Leone High Commission. Reports on and defends the government of Sierra Leone.

2. Freetown Insight online magazine

Published from London by Memuna Forna. Business oriented. Independent.

3. Sierra Leone Telegraph

Published from London by Abdul Rashid Thomas. Pro-SLPP. Known for its very lengthy opinion pieces.

4. Expo Times online newspaper

Published by Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, a journalist and journalism lecturer at Northumbria University in the UK. Pro-APC.

5. The Organiser online newspaper.

Published from London by Abu Shaw. Pro-APC. The Organiser is a newcomer but already making an impact.

Sierra Leonean media in Australia

Sierra Leonean journalists Edison Yongai, Anthony B Conteh (Tony Bee) and others operate a community radio station for Sierra Leoneans living in Sydney, Australia. Both men also founding members of an association of Sierra Leonean journalists living and working in Australia. Tony Bee is also a prolific writer, contributing articles to several newspapers around the world including the Patriotic Vanguard. Edison is a published novelist.

Photo: 40 Acres publisher Lans Omar.

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