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Dauda Tombo Bangura Launches PMDC-Australia

24 June 2007 at 10:03 | 333 views

Speech recently delivered by the PMDC’s Honourable Dauda Tombo Bangura(photo) at the launch of the party’s Australia Chapter. DTB is a senior member of PMDC-USA.

Greetings from the United States of America:
Madam Chair
Members of the Executive
And distinguished members and observers

It was exhilarating for me to land safely on the soil of Australia.

I flew across the Atlantic to Europe, across the Pacific from Europe over Asia and arrived here safely:


On the other hand, I am aggrieved by the fact that 21 foreign guests of our country, mostly Togolese citizens, who where there to promote international peace through soccer, in a happy mood over their victory in a football match against Leone Stars perished onboard a decrepit helicopter over a five-minute flight to Lungi airport:

May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Thanks for the opportunity you have extended to me to make me a part of history in Australia: The PMDC is the first political party in Sierra Leone to have a chapter in this great nation. Australia has played a pivotal role in honoring the universal human rights - specifically, the right of the refugee in the bleakest period of our history. We are grateful to the people of Australia for providing warmth and comfort for many of our people, through the coldest days of their lives, and I have no doubt that your right of belonging to a political party of your choice will go unhampered in this democracy-loving country.

Evidently, you have become so comfortable here to the point that you have organized yourself into a peaceful group for the purpose of breaking the cycle of violence and to promote peace in our country through active participation in national politics. On my part, I am honored to be the inaugural guest of honor of the first chapter of a Sierra Leone political party in Australia.

Thank you all! And thanks to the people of this great nation of Australia for providing for you most of the things we lack in our country.

But most importantly today, I want to thank you for understanding that it is temporary. Your action proves that you want a better Sierra Leone, better living conditions in your country, and you want to see all the good things you see here happen in your country in your lifetime. You want good education for the children of Sierra Leone and employment opportunities for the youth. Sierra Leone is endowed with everything-great people, beautiful tradition and culture and natural resources, but lacks leadership. I stand in front of you today, to tell you that help is on the way; the PMDC is here to provide you with that most desired leadership.

Well, you are certainly in the right direction of accomplishing all of the things you have agreed to that you want in life. But, it did not happen in Australia through 24-year misrule, marginalization and parochial politics.

It did not happen in Australia through a decade-long war of atrocities including of hacking the limbs of women and children, forcible drafting of children into combat and raping of underage children.

Neither did it happen through another eleven years of misappropriation of donor funds and neglect of the pool of idle youth that fueled the war in the first place.

It happened, instead, through a society of people pulling themselves together in the interest of Australia. It happened because a society of people rose above parochial politics.

Evidently, many of you have become productive citizens of Australia because the people of Australia, like in America, rose above parochial interests to provide the opportunities for you to become what you are today.

In short, that is what we mean by a third force: A force that will have all the attributes of a great nation. A force that will rise above regional and ethnic divisions. A force that will rise above selfish acts such as nepotism and self-aggrandizement. A force that will win the war that we will wage on corruption and systems neglect.

The demography of our membership is a true reflection of a nation that will be truly diversified under the PMDC government at every level, not just at the higher leadership. We will only rise above those undesirable attributes that have stunted our growth through the PMDC that knows no tribe, region, ethnicity, religion or gender. The PMDC was formed out of the clarion call from our people for “positive change” a little over a year ago. Today, our presence is not only felt in the entire Sierra Leone, but we can boast of chapters almost all over the world where there are Sierra Leoneans. Because we in PMDC believe in participatory government, we are reaching out to all Sierra Leoneans no matter where they are, to be part of this most desired change. The PMDC is the fastest growing political party in the history of Sierra Leone politics if not in Africa. It is not only here to stay, but it is also poised to win the elections slated for August 11, 2007.

When last did you hear, our leaders or guests of our country refer to Sierra Leone as ‘this great nation of Sierra Leone?’ When last did you hear someone calling FBC ‘Athens of West Africa?’ When last have you seen foreigners in our institutions in search of quality education? When last did we ship rice abroad for export? That is how backward we have become. From a model country in West Africa to the second poorest and one of the most corrupt in the world. FBC is amongst the most ill-equipped universities of the world. Our children roam the world for quality education. And we import every grain of rice we eat notwithstanding our vast and fertile planes and forests.

Let me say this: Corruption is our greatest enemy. Corruption and poverty have united in Sierra Leone in an ugly partnership. Wherever there is corruption, there is poverty-they have become inseparable in a parasitic relationship in which corruption is the only benefactor that let go only when poverty dies. That is why we must kill poverty to ensure that corruption has no host to suck dry. We must change that culture of dependency that breeds corruption to fulfill our lifetime dreams: But only if we pool our resources together around the PMDC.

Sometimes, we will know something, but it takes another person to say it aloud before we see value in it. The PMDC has said it aloud, and we must step up to the challenge to bring about Positive Change. We must follow our hearts and minds. Your effort is an indication that we are making great strides in winning the hearts and minds of our people both in Sierra Leone and abroad.

I thank you all for answering the clarion call for a third force at this crucial time when we must be steadfast together to finish the race in first place. We need financial support to strengthen our logistics, to equip our brothers and sisters on the ground. When you place your people with boots on the frontline without armor, you expect them to be routed. For that reason, we must now focus highly in bringing our resources together to put our money where our mouth is.

My brothers and sisters, let me hasten to say this; nobody will fix Sierra Leone but us. We should put Sierra Leone in a position that will encourage us to go back home. The brain drain is too massive. It is time for brain regain.

We are confident of victory. The PMDC is a force that is here to stay. We are making history by forming a greater political force than the existing parochial political interest parties that have stunted our country’s economic and social growth.

As for the SLPP, extending the date of the elections, to win by all means necessary, is only making things difficult for itself. Simply put, you can do nothing when the people are against you but pack up and exit peacefully. I hope the recent postponement of the elections is meant to steal few more days for self-indulgence. What they cannot do is to use those ill-gotten days for rigging the elections-the people of Sierra Leone will settle for nothing less than a true democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the leadership and general membership of PMDC-SL and the rest of the world, as Ambassador at Large of PMDC, I am honored to launch, officially, the PMDC chapter in Australia!

I will be remiss in my duty, if I do not thank the people that worked so assiduously to make this event a success.

I thank you all for coming out today!
Thanks for your hospitality!
Thank you for coming onboard the PMDC Positive Change train!
And welcome to the PMDC family of the “Positive Change” movement!

One for all! all for one!