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Chief Minister highlights his government’s achievements

24 January 2020 at 01:34 | 1734 views

The Chief Minister, Professor David Francis (photo) has unequivocally stated that the Government of President Julius Maada Bio firmly remains on track in the delivery of the manifesto commitments.

He noted that though there are challenges, yet much progress has been made in laying the foundations for a prosperous Sierra Leone. He reiterated President Bio’s stance that 2020 is a year to consolidate on the achievements and successes of the New Direction Government. He stated that the scheduled cabinet retreat is to firm-up the collective commitments for effective service delivery.

He highlighted key achievements of the New Direction Government. They are as follows:

1. After 12 years of trial, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a United States Foreign Aid agency in 2019 positively assessed Sierra Leone under the leadership of President Bio in the control of corruption, ruling justly and investing in people with pass marks in guaranteeing democratic rights, civil liberties, the rule of law, health and primary education expenditures.

2. The MCC also gave a pass mark to the government of President Bio in the area of economic freedom, trade policy, gender in the economy and business start-up.

3. Reviewed the Anti-Corruption Act to make it more robust in the fight against corruption.

4. The government of President Bio paid $1.2 billion domestic debt left by ex-president Koroma of the APC.

5. In 2019, President Bio launched Africa’s first blockchain and decentralized digital platform under the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) in Sierra Leone.

6. Established and operationalized the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) under the Office of the President;

7. Translated commitment into action for the construction of the Lungi/Freetown Bridge. Arrangements for the construction of the bridge are far ahead;

8. Contributed to human capital development through Free Quality Education for Primary and Secondary education to over two million children in Sierra Leone,

9. Committed 21% of the country’s GDP to the FQE . The first government in West Africa to provide free quality education across primary and secondary schools;

10. Spent 30 billion in the supplying of 26 million text books and other school materials;

11. Provided school buses exclusively for school going children

12. Increased salaries of teacher by 30%

13. Controlled government deficit/borrowing;

14. Created a Ministry of the Environment in response to the global environmental challenges;

15. Provided sustainable electricity supply to Sierra Leoneans especially in the Western Area

16. Recruited 300 females in the army, first ever in the history of Sierra Leone;

17. Commissioned 48 hospitals across the country;

18. Approved 106 schools across the country

19. Supplied 506 ambulances across the country to respond to emergency health issues;

20. Commissioned the construction of two universities: one in Bonthe and the other in Kono District;

21. Increased salaries of government workers by 15%;

22. Appropriates Le18.3 billion to Freetown City Council to transform Freetown.

23. Renovated the Sierra Leone Parliament to a modern level

24. Paid for application forms for students who enrolled in universities;

25. Paid school subsidies for all pupils across the country

26. Offered scholarships to university students offering Mathematics, Geography, Agriculture, Biology and Engineering across the country.

27. Introduced and sustained national cleaning days on the first Saturday of every month.

28. Set up Commission of Inquiry to investigate the stewardship of past government officials

29. Approved solar lights to be installed in Moyamba District;

30. Commissioned the Lumley market and Juba to Atlantic bridge;

31. Commissioned the Bo Mattru-Jong Road

32. Commissioned the Kenema/Tongo-Fields/Koidu Road

33. Commissioned the construction of 68 streets in Kenema

34. Commissioned the construction of the Kenema mini stadium

35. Commissioned the completion of the Tokeh Peninsula Road

36. Supported the rehabilitation of the Bo stadium

37. Supported the rehabilitation of Magburaka Boys School & commissioned the road and clock tower.

38. Commissioned the construction of the Magbereh bridge on the Makeni high way.

39. First government to rule for 9 months without international budgetary support;

40. The first government to raise Le 8.7billion from corrupt politicians in six months

41. Commissioned the Milton Margai College Library and Science Laboratory;

42. Commissioned a drone corridor in Njala, the first in the West African Sub-region.

Office of the Chief Minister, Freetown