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Buddhist chanting for peace in Sierra Leone

31 December 2016 at 06:54 | 1649 views

By Gbaksondo Kloiloi, USA.

A Buddhist friend of mine recently introduced me to one of their chants or chanting pieces that reminded me of rural traditional African chanting and indeed the chanting you might find in all cultures around the world.

But my friend, a devoted Buddhist, stressed that the chanting you are about to listen to is more therapeutic than religious because it is intended to calm you and erase whatever negative thoughts and stress you might have especially in these days of economic, political and social upheavals around the world.

I would also like, with the permission of the PV management, to dedicate this chanting to all Sierra Leoneans that have lost loved ones as we come to the end of 2016. May this chanting calm your sorrow and help to restore your peace of mind.

Most of the problems in our country, Sierra Leone, can be be solved by we Sierra Leoneans if we can only come together and act as one as we should. We know the thieves, the pick-pockets, the robbers, the corrupt public officials, the murderers etc in our midst but we refuse to expose them for various reasons. That should stop. May peace continue to reign in our beloved country now and forever.

Here is the beautiful chanting piece from my friend; I hope it would calm and change you. Remember, it is not religious, it’s therapy. Enjoy: