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Brazil Humiliates Ghana (3-0)

By  | 27 June 2006 at 20:08 | 407 views

A weak defence, weak shots and poor finishing have led to Ghana, Africa’s lone representative in the World Cup, to go down today 3-0 in the face of a very impressive Brazilian team.

The match quickly became a nightmare for Ghana when Brazilian goal-getter Ronaldo beat goalkeeper Kingson at the beginning of the match (5th minute) to ram home Brazil’s first goal.

Ghana, playing without their battlefield commander Michael Essien displayed many weaknesses and were only saved from a massive defeat by goalkeeper Kingson, one of the best goalkeepers to appear in this World Cup so far.

Brazil’s goalkeeper was also very impressive as he stopped many possible goals from Ghanaian strikers like Muntari and Asamoah.

On the whole the Brazilians demonstrated more cohesion, experience and the power to dominate and dictate the pace of the match. Ghana was good at offside traps but they (traps) did not pay off well in this match as a botched offside trap clearly led to the third goal against Ghana when striker Roberto broke away, beat goalkeeper Kingson, to seal Ghana’s elimination.

This convincing win takes Brazil to the final stages of the World Cup battles while Ghana and the rest of Africa weep and gnash their teeth. Brazil is expected to meet either France or Spain in their next match.

We will bring you a more detailed analysis of this historic match by our London- based sports guru, Abu Shaw, later. Stay tuned.

Photo: Brazil’s Ronaldo beating goalkeeper Kingson.
Photo Credit: BBC