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Bravo, Patriotic Vanguard!

4 August 2015 at 10:56 | 794 views

By Ibrahim Babatunde Sesay, Publisher, Satellite newspaper, Freetown.

As one who humbly learnt a lot from contributing to and reading the Patriotic Vanguard, one of the country’s most reliable and most widely read online newspapers which is published in Canada, I want to say congratulations to the publisher and Chief Executive Officer and the entire editorial board for holding the fort for ten long years.

My interaction with the Patriotic Vanguard dates back to when I was a Sports and Entertainment reporter. It was fascinating as I was able to put my country on the global entertainment map through the promotion of the national beauty pageant.

Through the pages of the Patriotic Vanguard, I successfully sold Sierra Leone’s rich cultural heritage to the outside world which helped in promoting eco tourism.

If I could recall, the Patriotic Vanguard online newspaper was a source of information for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and other meaningful researchers who wanted to know about Sierra Leone.

This was manifested when one of Sierra Leone’s leading actresses, Mariama Kargbo, won the Miss Sierra Leone 2011 Beauty Pageant. Thousands of Sierra Leoneans were eager to know the results of the contest and to read the news as it was keenly contested between Miss Independent - Ramatu Wurie and Maria. Technology then was not as advanced as today. The only means of getting information at the time or reading good articles online was through the Patriotic Vanguard.

Also, the likes of Mariatu Turay - Miss Sierra Leone 2008, Tyrialia Gouldson - Miss Sierra Leone 2009, Nyeolin Williams - 2010 and many other Sierra Leonean celebrity beauty queens got international recognition from the Patriotic Vanguard Online Newspaper.

Patriotic Vanguard honestly eight to ten years back to now has indeed been a source of reliable information about Sierra Leone, thanks to the editorial staff who were able to give us such opportunity during those trying times.