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Book on Limba traditional religion published

By  | 22 October 2007 at 22:44 | 1343 views

A Canada-based Sierra Leonean scholar and theologian, Dr Prince Sorie Conteh has just published a book on Limba tradional religion through the University of South Africa press.

The book, titled "An introduction to the religion of the Limba of Sierra Leone" is, according to the publishers, the study of an African indigenous religion, with the Limba people of Sierra Leone as subject.

It seeks to provide, for the first time, a broader understanding of the fundamental concepts of Limba Indigenous Religion(LIR) for students, teachers, religious leaders,and those interested in the culture and religious landscape of Africa, particularly Sierra Leone.

According to Reverend Olivia Wesley,Principal of the Sierra Leone Theological College and Church Training Centre in Freetown,of all the existing literature on the Limba of Sierra Leone, "this study is the first that will provide readers, especially non-Limbas,with the knowledge that is lacking about the religion of this ethnic group."

The book’s author,Dr Conteh, himself a Limba, is in ministry with Carleton United Church in Southern Ontario, and he is Adjunct Professor in Global and Interfaith Studies at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester NY, USA, and in World Religions at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

The 170-page book costs 25 dollars and can be purchased directly from the University of South Africa Press(UNISA) or by contacting Dr Conteh at: or

Photo: Dr Prince Sorie Conteh.