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Bo: WIMI-USA empowers 20 petty traders

24 October 2018 at 03:02 | 1796 views


The WIMI Sierra Leone Women of Bo District were all smiles when they received their empowerment envelopes on October 1st. 2018, with micro-finance funds from WIMI headquarters in Montgomery, USA.

The President and Founder of WIMI, Apostle Kemi Searcy spearheads annual fundraising with supporters through donations, banquets and partnerships to help empower less fortunate and vulnerable women in the USA and Africa while ministering to them spiritually.

The real Vision of WIMI is to Motivate Women to Reach Women. The Motto is to Edify, Empower and Encourage each other. While WIMI aims to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, part of the goal is to strengthen and sharpen women so that they might be a greater blessing to their local communities and churches. Leadership training is conducted for women ministers to lead others into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Other ministry outreaches include, but not limited to Prison Outreach, Crusades, Youth Programs, Intercessory Prayers, Business Trainings, and Charity Ministries among others.

The 20 qualified WIMI Sierra Leone, Bo women were rigorously vetted and had completed the PeFoHD Financial Literacy Training including Business Management Skills, Money Management, Banking and Savings Scheme. Their respective businesses include sales of staple foodstuff like fish, rice, palmoil, bundle water etc. The distribution of the total amount of $2,000.00 funding depended on the type of lucrative Businesses and qualified Guarantors. Through WIMI Women Leaders, including Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah, WIMI International Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Rev. Garmai Jallah of Liberia and Rev. Dr. Saratu Adjei. Women have been previously financially empowered through micro-financing in Liberia, Ghana and now in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Rashid Kamara, Director of Programmes, People’s Foundation for Humanity Development (PeFoHD), coordinating local NGO for WIMI, and Madam Cecilia Rogers, one of the Leaders of WIMI Bo Branch presented funding to one of the 20 recipients for petty trading.

Since January, 2017, WIMI Sierra Leone, Bo Branch has been organized into 14 Cell Groups for training and empowerment purposes.

WIMI International Coordinator, Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah, with supporting dignitaries like the Mayor of Bo Municipality, NGOs and other government and local community leaders joined women in Bo to Launch WIMI Sierra Leone , Bo Branch in January 2017.

Other WIMI Chapters are established worldwide to provide support to individuals and ministries so they can fulfill the needs of others, just as Christ did. Members are provided with intense training, encouraged and equipped to walk in their destiny of ministry. WIMI also provides food, shelter, clothing, and monetary support to these Chapters to reach the nations for the Kingdom

Hundreds of Women convened in October for the 2018 WIMI Ghana Conference in Accra, Ghana

Other WIMI Chapters and leaders include the following:
- United States, Apostle Kemi Searcy, President & Founder of WIMI
- Sierra Leone, Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah, International Coordinator
- Ghana, Rev. Dr. Saratu Adjei, National Coordinator
- iberia, Rev. Garmai Jallah, National Coordinator
- United Kingdom, Min. Shola Adetunji, National Coordinator
- Nigeria, Min. Abimbola Akintunde, National Coordinator
- Congo, Thethe Malanda, National Coordinator

President/Founder of WIMI, Apostle Kemi Searcy (Left), Mrs. Funmi Searcy Ford and Ms. Biola Searcy (R) represent WIMI Women Motivating Women Globally. In October, the Searcy Women, (Mother and Daughters) landed in Ghana with Bishop Kyle Searcy and other FAHOW Missions Outreach Ministers from the United States through London, to motivate other women globally through Conferences, Ministration, Workshops and other Empowerment Programs.

One of the active WIMI Fundraising Team in Montgomery, United States. The International Outreach Missions are possible through the hardworking efforts of WIMI United States and all the WIMI Supporters globally. For more information on WIMI, visit.