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Bo: WIMI completes financial literacy training

3 July 2018 at 16:08 | 2105 views

Contributed to the Patriotic Vanguard

Women In Ministry International (WIMI) Bo Branch, last week completed their Financial Literacy Training conducted by Ecobank Financial experts.

WIMI is a women’s empowerment program under the People’s Foundation for Humanity Development, (PeFoHD). One of the mandates of PeFoHD is community development through spiritual, moral and economic empowerment programs.

70 women from Bo city completed their training and were presented with certificates accordingly. The last training sessions were held in Freetown where experts were invited including banking professionals from Ecobank who trained them in Banking, Savings, Investments, Money Management etc.

PeFoHD also invited Agricultural Engineers from West Africa Rice Corporation (WARC) who taught on Year-round Backyard gardening projects, Food preservation and other agricultural skills training. The CEO of Tinapp for Development taught the ladies about Savings and Investments through Shareholder enterprises.

Last Thursday, PeFoHD completed the training session, then conducted an Unveiling Fundraising Conference on Saturday where Community Leaders were represented including representations from World Vision, Mayor’s Office, Ombudsman, Academia, Ministry Leaders, Government officials and they delivered various speeches in motivating the women towards reaching their highest potentials.

Future training sessions of PeFoHD will include: Adult Literacy, Numeracy, Financial Literacy and other Vocational, Functional Literacy and other Life Skills. In addition to WIMI women, future training will be open to other adults and youths who have missed out on opportunities for formal schooling for various diverse reasons such as (war, poverty, post-ebola pregnancies, over-aged, dropouts/family exclusion from schooling).