Letter to editor

Bo Incident: Another Reaction.

26 November 2005 at 14:27 | 395 views

Dear Sir,

I write in response to the press release from the PMDC asking for the sacking of the inspector general of police, for calling the incident in BO lawless.

Sierra Leoneans should stop being sentimental. If Charles Margai and associates behave in a manner fit to be referred to as lawless, then they were lawless. Do we need to sack the police chief for using police jargon?

As a legal executive I am advising that unless and until we avoid the politics of intimidation, there will always be problems consolidating the fragile peace the nation is enjoying.

Legally there is no P.M.D.C until it is registered by the constitutional provision of the country. So it is advisable for the people and the authorities to use the correct terminologies in referring to the BO incident, which is of course a vandalistic breach of an individual’s right of association, be it a vice president, or a cleaner.

Kind Regards,

Allan Gee-Camara
AMS Services (UK)