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Blood Diamond Malaise

21 January 2007 at 01:43 | 875 views

By Roland Bankole Marke

Blood Diamond Malaise

Wild daring and glittering illumination that fascinates one’s lust
This precious jewel, a token of love probably without security
But a captivating grim image demonizes the symbolism of love
A nuptial oneness, loving friendship or lasting happiness sealed?
Woman’s best friend, the inviting luster that captures her heart
Our grim horrendous untold tale seem clouded amid blind glitter
Sweet home Sierra Leone, endured agony like a mutilated child
Trade in blood diamond fueled violence launching rebel warfare
Bloody profits that financed Africa’s evil wars; as terror reigns
Cruelty and violence perpetuated as little angels were maimed
Attack! Attack! AK-47 rattles: a doomed shrilling nightmare
The sobbing victims choose long or short sleeve makeover
Diamond malaise portrays humanity’s graphic horror story
Shredding innocent dreams as hunting retribution or justice
Children barely survived to enjoy their eighteenth birthday
Di Caprio’s “Blood Diamond” purges a global conscience
Hollywood’s portrait unmasks the villain from real victim
How much from the proceeds would rehabilitate victims?
Fanning the raw emotions trigger a message to humanity
War is demonic catastrophic, profitable insane vain glory
Truly is this not a genuine war of terror -If not what then is?
The injustice of Sierra Leonean victims hit global screens.

Roland Bankole Marke 2007