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Bench Warrant For Charles Margai !

24 February 2006 at 23:24 | 495 views

By our Freetown Correspondent

The relationship between Chares Margai(photo) whose father was founding member of the Sierra Loene Peoples Party and the incumbent government is becoming more acrimonious.

Magistrate Shyllon of the Freetown Magistrate’s Court No. 1 has issued a Bench Warrant for the leader of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change Charles Margai.

Charles is standing trial for riotous conduct and related charges, for an incident that took place some time ago in Bo, south of the country. Charles and VP Solomon Berewa coincidentally met at an anniversary of Christ the King College Secondary School which is an alma matter of the two. It ended in a riot in which it was alleged that VP Berewa was molested. Charles and other people were arrested. He was charged to court and was attending court in Bo. The matter has been transferred to Freetown from the High Court in Bo but has taken a new twist with the issuance of a Bench Warrant.

The prosecution has complained that Charles Margai and the other accused persons have absented themselves from court without any valid reason, which he described as contempt of court. He applied for a Bench Warrant which was issued.

Message from the editor: We have just been informed by the PMDC that the manifesto we published was just a draft. The complete manifesto will be published as soon as it’s available. Thanks.