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Australia: Mosman College to meet Sierra Leone Community

16 July 2007 at 09:26 | 306 views

By Tony Bee Conteh,Sydney, Australia.

50 members of the Mosman College Organization are to visit the Sierra Leone community in Sydney, Australia on the 28th of July 2007.

Mosman College is an organization formed by some successful Australians that came from different nationalities with different cultural backgrounds. The organization has a college that teaches many subjects, including Culture and English.

On a radio discussion program with the Managing Director of the Sierra Leone community radio in Sydney Mr. Edison Yongai(photo), the Mosman spokeswoman, Ms Dianna said the purpose of the visit is to have a friendly interaction with members of the Sierra Leone community in New South Wales (NSW) and to know the culture of Sierra Leoneans, how they came to Australia and the experiences they have in their new home (Australia).

Several questions were asked by phone callers, including what would be the benefit for the Sierra Leone community and the relationship that they were trying to create after knowing about the culture and problems of Sierra Leoneans from their visit.

Ms Dianna said there are a lot of things that Sierra Leoneans can benefit from in Australia if only they are ready to make their problems known.

“For instance, some people have just mentioned the community youth homework support activities in the community; that can easily be a starting point,” she said.

The rebel war in Sierra Leone (1991-2002) had created a huge number of Sierra Leonean refugees that have been re-located in other parts of the world.

Australia is one of the countries that have received scores of Sierra Leoneans in recent years. Such new arrivals and pre-war residents have been contributing in their own small ways to the development of that country and their country of origin either through the remittance of money to their loved ones back home or involvement in development projects in various parts of the country.One of such projects is a library project in Kambia initiated by a Sierra Leonean in Australia, Dr. Serrie Kamara.