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PMDC-USA Welcomes Dr. Ibrahim Tejan-Jalloh

 - Friday 13 April 2007.

Press Release.

Date: April 12, 2007

The General Assembly and the National Executive Council (NEC) of PMDC-USA, extend profound congratulations to Mr. Charles F. Margai, leader and presidential candidate and his newly appointed running mate, Dr. Ibrahim I. Tejan-Jalloh(photo) of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC). Charles Francis Margai has demonstrated insightful leadership in the appointment of Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh.

Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh’s background reflects a wealth of experience in public health systems and general health delivery systems, the most challenging aspects of governance or lack of which have contributed immensely to the low life span of the average Sierra Leonean. Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh brings along a political timbre that would bridge the widely publicized propaganda against the PMDC has a minority hater organization. This appointment is certainly a fulfillment of our desire in consolidating our wealth of human resources as peoples of one society regardless of ethnicity or measure of population in relation to the whole within that society of peoples-this is just the tip of the iceberg that the PMDC will look beyond parochial reasons for political appointments.

We also believe that such a task was not an easy one, especially when the leader had to choose among very competent and qualified members within the movement. We have no doubt that Charles Francis Margai made the right choice in selecting Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh. In addition, Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh has been described in many quarters as a renowned fighter in the interest of the ordinary people, especially in the post-war cleaning-up efforts when all the dust of the civil war had settled down. With the wealth of public health, public administration and political experience Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh would bring to the movement, we will certainly form the next government in Sierra Leone come July 28, 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections. Charles Francis Margai has provided more arsenals for Dr. I. I. Tejan-Jalloh in his fight for the ordinary people of Sierra Leone.

The NEC-USA and all its eleven chapters pledge unflinching support to the movement. We will work assiduously to ensure that PMDC forms the next government.


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